Ea Philippa

Succulent queen of the elves. Sensuous, seductive and trembling with sweetness, she weaves magical melodies and sophisticated fairytale pop, with a glowing look in her eye behind the piano. Storytelling stringers, singing sirens and powerful beats surround her. Ea Philippa and her 9 women orchestra of strings, choir and percussion seduce and bewitches. They open up a door to a world far from here, and the listeners are wrapped in magic and fairytales. The Scandinavian self taught composer and singer Ea Philippa created a fantasy universe of faraway planets way beyond the Milky Way, inhabited by the Dream Weaver in her cobweb palace, who weaves the dreams of all creatures, out of the dust from the wings of the butterflies and the stolen glittering goods of the ravens. It holds the enchanted realm of the elves – the Pastel Woods behind the mists, the wizards’ fortified magical city of Valaking with the secret library in the stolen Conch Shell Castle, and the sacred Lotus Cabinet in the Underwater World at the bottom of the sea, guarded and cared for by the seducing sirens. The Galaxy Knight sails the eternal dark oceans of the universe in his star ship, and into the heart of a beautiful galaxy girl lost in space. From this universe all of Ea Philippas music evolves. She puts together the ancient Scandinavian sound with chamber music inspired arrangements for strings, rattling rumbling Tom Waits like beats and intriguing manifold voices over a wide register, with a Björk...

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