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Slovak formation Ear Drum Kru was founded in 1996 as an experimental project of three DJs and programmer Michal Ilias, marked by RAVE craze early 90's, especially bands like The Prodigy,Altern 8, Human Resurce, SL2, Shaman, Moby and KLF. Inthe period 1995-2000 EDK organized parties of all kinds electronic-dance-music, which was great inspiration for making of their own music. Today EDK consists of Miro 'Base' Guzma (programming and production), Majo 'Loggo' Miklosko (scratch), Martin Rybos (drums), Mino Sutka (bass guitar), Biba Konturova (vocals), Michaela Sipekova (saxophone, flute) and Good Mood (vocals). Their taste in music was always varied and so is the creation of the band. It's hard to include somewhere EDK, the nearest is probably electronica. In addition to breakbeat, electro, DnB, or guitar-trip-hop, nor despise these neoravers by dubstep, which often shows in their DJ sets aka EDK Sound System. EDK also remixed for other projects, such as Foolk, New Maps, Karaoke Tundra, Facet, Soundphreakers, Brabeats or DJ Flush. On their own label Schyzo Recordings released a few titles, among other drum & bass EP vinyl Steps (2000), CD album Fanky Faka Dancers (2008), or digital release Fanky Faka Remixes (2008). Their last CD/digital album The Day After was also released on Schyzo Recordings and track Komplex feat. Lyrik, is available on Stroboskop.sk label as digital and vynil. Discography: Albums: The Day After | CD | digital | Schyzo Recordings | 2013 Fanki Faka Remixe...

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