Earlybird Stringband

Earlybird Stringband was first thought of in December 2005. Christian and Hans Martin were classmates in studies, and had talked loosely about getting into bluegrass. Come January, and the 2nd annual student loan is payed. Hans Martin decides that most of his money should be used to buy a banjo - thankfully he didn't ask anyone for advice if he really should do this. He just went off one cold January morning and came home with a fine specimen of a Deering goodtime. It didn't take long before we were ready to play together - turned out that bluegrass music was something that alot of our friends and acquaintances had a liking to. We rounded up Erlend on the fiddle, and now honorary members Juhani Silvola and Bjarne Gustavsen on the guitar and bass. Andreas Knudsrød played some mandolin, and we played all the good old tunes that we could find. But as time passed our ambitions increased. Some members drifted away, but the hard core of the band persisted without flickering a second. Thanks to Christians smooth talking, Olav Christer, and later Sebastian, joined the band on the mandolin and bass. After a while Juhani decided to move on, and Audun came in - and that's where we are at today. Six members with their own distinct contribution to the music. Now in the words of Peter Rowan, we soon started building our own fire - making tunes inspired of the music we love. So it's not exactly bluegrass anymore. But it most certainly is made in the spirit of the bands origins. Heavy voca...

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