There are currently 3 bands/artists on LastFM with the title 'Ears'. Read on to find the one you are interested in. Ears from Slovakia: Ears are Slovak musicians with passion for bright cyborgs. The music is at the edge of electro-alternative and electro-pop. The band was founded in 1993 by Filip Orator and Silverman. It has distinguished lyrics, electronic sounds and distinctive Orator's vocal. They wrote 3 albums so far. Debut called pEARSing was released in 2001 by Sony Music. In 2002 it was followed by album Adamaeva (Adam and Eve) with topics about contrast of emotional universe between man and woman. In 2007 was released the third album Inokraj (Other_land). The band Ears for its production was nominated three times at Aurel (2002 for 'Best new artist' as well as 'Best music video', 2007 for 'Best audio recording'). Ears from Australia: The Ears were a notable part of Melbourne's famous post-punk scene of the early Eighties. Known for their anarchy, for their heavy blend of punk and pop, and for their general unpredictability, they became the basis for Richard Lowenstein's cult film 'Dogs in Space', which was in fact the title of one of their more bizarre songs. Ears from GB: Ears (also known as “Ear ‘em Scare ‘em”) is a grime MC hailing from East London. He started his career as part of Jammer’s Jah Mek Da World team which then turned into the Neckle Camp. He has since parted ways with Jammer and his team due to private disputes. Ears has not released a lot of ...

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