Earth Calling Angela

Brand new album 'Charts and Wonders' released on 10th July 2012. Visit for more information. The original ECA line-up was Miles Fender (vocals, guitar, synths, samples, and drum programming), with childhood pal Stuart Barker (bass). It was in this form that the debut demo, 'First Damnation', was recorded in the Summer of 1992. Soon after, Paul Broome (of Monica's Last Prayer and more recently Carnypig) was added to the line-up (as a second guitarist, and backing vocalist) to add a little more depth and power to the ECA sound - and make it possible for the songs to be performed live. Paul's addition to the ranks was soon followed by Stuart's quiet exit, due to a rapidly accelerating nomadic lifestyle. The first gig took place in the Biko Bar at Coventry University in March 1993 (as part of the annual Band Society showcase). The second demo, 'Dead To The World', was released late in the same year, and a couple more gigs followed in 1994. A big change to the dynamics of ECA came in 1995, when Miles and Paul decided to introduce the added stage presence of a third member. So it was that long time band friend Ridley McIntyre was invited to join the fray - and lay down the bass tracks in a live environment (his audition consisted of proving that he could learn and play the bass line to 'Dead To The World', for its entire 7 minute+ duration). The trio entered the studio in 1995 to record the track 'Hope Springs Eternal' - whi...

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