Earth and Moon

Earth and Moon is a one-man band project by the Egyptian multi-instrumentalist Osama Haggag. The band is not restricted to a certain genre but the genre most people would place it in is post-rock, pyschedelic rock or ambient music. The band’s music is influenced by a diverse spectrum of musical genres, with a little touch of middle-eastern background in the mix, all leading to the mixture of different sounds you will experience in the music. The idea behind the one-man band came to be in late 2010; at the time Osama was really fond of the kind of music that expands outside the borders laid out for it by its genre, for example rock music that incorporates some orchestral instruments into their works, or that uses the piano in a non-traditional manner. He had been playing the guitar for roughly 5 years by then with lot of improvisations but they lacked in background music. The music was to be an encompassing sound that is able to express emotions, and tell stories with a variety of instruments and timbres. And thus the band was born, as Osama wanted to create a band that is dedicated to making this kind of sound. Since then he has been learning more about musical accompaniment, and learning other instruments such as the piano, the harmonica, and the drums, also learning how to manipulate certain sound libraries for orchestral and electronic sounds. All to make the musical adventures a reality! Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Com...

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