Los Angeles singer-songwriter Eartha stunned the music world in 2003 when she earned not one, but two Grammy nominations, and took home the Grammy for Best Contemporary Soul Gospel Album. The multitalented artist, who writes, produces, and arranges her own music on the independent AFRT Music label, also plays saxophone, keyboards, drums, and guitars on her albums. Eartha debuted her first album, This I Know, in 2001, and it received critical and popular acclaim. A single from the album, Love Jones, landed on the Billboard Hot Dance Singles chart in the number two position. The album features Eartha playing all of the instruments, and it covers a wide range of styles, from gospel to R&B and hip-hop. Eartha's second album, Sidebars, seemed initially not to do as well when it was released in 2003. Although it sold briskly in nontraditional outlets, it received little airplay and moved slowly in traditional music outlets. According to SoundScan, which tracks album sales, the album had sold only 52 copies through traditional outlets at the time of its Grammy nomination. AFRT reported selling 10,000 copies at Eartha's concerts, parties, clubs, and special events, but even this figure was insignificant compared to the millions of copies sold by Eartha's fellow nominees. Nevertheless, the album garnered not just one, but two Grammy nominations. Many people wondered how a relatively unknown musician could win a Grammy Award. Some credited Eartha's record label, AFRT, which in the w...

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