A Guernsey based Doom outfit that evolved from Peaceville recording artists Insurrection. As Earthcorpse the band announced their arrival in 1989 citing a line up of vocalist / drummer Mark Le Page, guitarist Jon and bassist Pete. The 'Dark Heaven' demo followed in 1991 after which Justin Mahy took on the drumming role and Matt came in on second guitar. Earthcorpse's inaugural commercial outing came in 1992 with the 'Mephitis' 12 single issued by Grave Records. However guitarist Jon would depart and Paul took over from Pete on bass guitar. With this line-up Earthcorpse submitted the track 'Lifeless' to the Shiver Records compilation album 'Sometimes Death Is Better'. Further line up shuffles found Bob taking the bass role and Dan Smith enrolling as second guitarist as the debut album 'Born Bleeding' emerged through Shiver Records in 1996. Yet again the band roster shifted though, Robert Klein filling the vacancy left by the departure of guitarist Matt and John McConnell filling the task of bassist. Earthcorpse's second record 'The Taste Of Sin' was issued in July of 1999. There was still more friction to come though as Dan then made his exit. Earthcorpse's new guitarist would be named as Phil. During January of 2000 longstanding drummer Justin Mahy left the fold, supplanted by Daz. This version of the group recorded a version of Burzum's 'Lost Wisdom' for the Cymophane compilation 'Visions'. Earthcorpse would fold, with ex-members relocating to London and formulating Black ...

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