Earthling Society

Earthling Society is a 21st-century progressive, psychedelic, experimental band. Earthling Society formed in Lancashire, UK in early 2004 when singer-songwriter/guitarist Fred Laird and David Fyall met up with drummer Jon Blacow. Disillusioned with the current music trends and sharing a love of 1970s progressive rock, krautrock and 1960s psychedelia, Earthling Society built a primitive 8-track recording studio in a corner of a disused glass factory. Ignoring any commercial intention, they started recording what became their debut album 'Albion' purely as they had the ability to do so. 'Albion' was initially released on Mylodon records based in Santiago, Chile in March 2005, a move that Fred Laird described as a disaster. The release however started to receive glowing praise and critical acclaim amongst the press. In June 2005 'Albion' was picked up by Hans Georg Bier, head of Berlin based psychedelic label Nasoni records who promptly rereleased it on CD and vinyl formats. By August 2005 it became album of the month on former The Teardrop Explodes frontman Julian Cope's website Head Heritage. Earthling Society began work on the follow up entitled 'Plastic Jesus and the Third Eye Blind' which was released after supporting Julian Cope on his 2006 Dark Orgasm tour early that summer. The band in the meantime had become firm favourites on the European and UK festival circuits and for their appearance in Berlin at the tenth anniversary of Nasoni records, Irish keyboardist Kevy Ca...

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