Earthworm Ensemble

Earthworm Ensemble came about during an afternoon of playtime while mama Sherri Nourse danced around the kitchen holding her 2 year old son Nolan, chanting: She went boom, boom, boom ta boom, bang a drum!” Her husband Shawn said, “Hey! That sounds good! Let’s record it!” Shawn and Sherri met and fell in love through music. Sherri’s an accomplished keyboardist and vocalist from Silicon Valley, where she formed a band with members of Smashmouth before making the big move to Los Angeles. Shawn, L.A.’s top country drummer for Dwight Yoakam, Rosie Flores, and anyone else who can grab him, first saw Sherri playing with her avant garde pop band Dogpark, in a club packed with fans and record label execs not sure what to do with a lead singer who switched instruments on every song. Shawn: “I walked in and Sherri was playing a Sparkletts water bottle, and old snare drum, and bongos!” Far more decisive than the record labels, Shawn joined Sherri’s band, as Sherri’s music was featured in TV and film scores and the infamous “A Town West of Nashville” CD by Yoakam producer Pete Anderson. The Nourses brought in Paul Lacques, Shawn’s bandmate in L.A.’s top alt country band I See Hawks In L.A., to play guitar and steel on their first four kid’s song recordings. Paul is from a ranch foreman’s family of nine children who formed their own quirky choir and homespun songs living out in the orchard hills of Ventura County. The family moved to Los Angele...

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