The Tupac of his genre. This is how Easop has been described by both fans and peers. While that is a bold statement given the legend and influence of the late Tupac Shakur, one listen to the sound of Easop's voice, mixed with his style and delivery you'll understand why. His barritone voice and aggressive, captivating style has carved out a unique sound like his GOD given name. Easop is a man of faith, and it clearly comes across in his music. He doesn't rap about life's escesses, bling, money, or women, but rather shares his faith, views on life mixed with street realities which blend perfectly to produce what Easop likes to call Street Gospel Born in his native San Francisco and raised by his great aunt Easop had a modest upbringing. Easop grew up in the inner city where like most young men who come up in this environment was exposed to the lure of drugs, gangs, and exposed to violence. He managed to escape most of these pitfalls for the most part by participating in athletics, but as he grew older the pull became a lot stronger resulting in him selling drugs and carrying guns. But there was a much greater call in this young mans life and he answered the call before it was too late unlike so many other young men. Easop has always had a passion for music. His influences are artist from all genres of music including rap, pop, blues, rock, soul, etc. So he would blend this passion with his new found faith and start an independent record label called Life or Death Records in 19...

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