East Forest

East Forest is a unique musical project that combines 100% original field recordings with ethereal, melodic soundscapes. Let’s call it “Shaman-Rock”. It’s a special blend of source sounds and ambient post rock soundscapes that humbly hopes to serve as a guide, a little tool, to put a few cracks in the hypnotic spell of our modern life and help each of us rediscover a sense of self through introspection. Times they are a changing and a whispering truth is emerging in the collective consciousness: a feeling of spiritual emasculation and materialistic instability — we’re being scared shitless out of ourselves. It’s time to gather up the moral courage and dive back in. So turn on, tune in, and drop in to some East Forest and start your education of the individual soul. East Forest originated as the solo identity of Trevor Oswalt (“Oswalt” translates from German to “East-Forest”). A self-described “reformed Eagle Scout” Trevor was raised amongst the evergreens of Oregon and now resides in New York City underneath a loud blue bridge in Brooklyn. While whittling time away hugging trees out of town, Trevor tends to record things like tree frogs, fire pits, and mountain breezes through fall leaves. In the urban realm he captures sounds like subways, mouse clicks, and traffic light switch boxes. The resulting library of clatter naturally makes its way to music and birthed forth is East Forest: Ambient-Earth-Dream-Hypno-Shaman-Rock. The debut album “The...

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