East Stepper

A 25 year old producer who makes electronic music out of a 12x10 room based in New Delhi, India. D1vine aka East Stepper was born and raised in Dhanbad an industrial town in Jharkhand. Growing up with two elder siblings who were always into the current music scene of their time he never really had much trouble discovering new music. D1vine grew up on a healthy dose of 80' Italo disco, Brit Pop, 80's rock and roll and 90's Heavy Metal with a heavy garnishing of our all quintessential Bollywood. His music is not bound by specific generes or styles as he merges the boundries of electronica with fusing psychedelic sounds with breaks and his quentiessential ethnic indian touch. With a genere bombarded with tracks mainly containing basslines and percussion, East Stepper comes out with a breed of bass heavy music laden with melodies and harmonies and a different take on Indian percussion. Currently D1vine produces dubstep (Which he calls New wave of Indian Dubstep) under the project name of East Stepper with his tracks getting recogniton and air time on BBC radio 1, and being played at places like Miami, Ithaca in the U.S. and at a few underground podcasts and pirate radio stations in the U.K. D1vine also produces ambient chill electronica under the alias of Synesthesia. The third project is known as Breed which is a 4 member outfit, they are trying to create a hybrid between pop and industrial. An intresting fact about his music production is that he plays all the melodies of his ...

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