Easter Island

Easter Island may reffer to two artists: 1) An U.S progressive band formed in 1973 2) An U.S dream pop band formed in 2010 1)EASTER ISLAND was originally formed in 1973 by guitarist Mark Miceli. They were easily one of the best US prog bands to have recorded during the 1970's. The music places emphasis on rich mini-moog and Mellotron work as well as guitar, like most Prog bands from the mid-'70s seemed to do. Their original and progressive music has its roots in the compositional techniques of KING CRIMSON, YES, and ELP. Musically their new opus recalls latter-day KING CRIMSON mixed with heavy doses of world music (in the rhythms) and some modern rock sounds, too. Maybe a little GENESIS creeps in here or there, but the majority of this album really recalls no one in particula 2)Formed by brothers Ethan and Asher Payne in 2010, Easter Island creates panoramic, post-rock inspired dream pop. Behind the wall of towering drums, glassy guitars, and the forceful tide of synthesizers, hide soft-spoken melodies, tender harmonies, and understated musings on the subtle, yet visceral moments in life. Often compared to sonic pioneers of the 90s and 00s, Explosions In Sky, My Bloody Valentine, Pedro The Lion, and Sigur Rós, Easter Island makes no compromise to explore unknown sonic territory, embodying the “feeling that you’d stumbled onto something great...knowing that you had a potential game changer in your hands” (Pop Matters). In 2011, Easter Island’s “Proud” from ...

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