Noah Hall's songs are tinged with quiet melancholy, reflecting on love and broken relationships and even a broader general malaise with a wisdom borne of experience. His soft vocal delivery and classical pop music canvas invite comparisons to that of singer/songwriter Joe Pernice (The Pernice Brothers), aptly. Hall is the talented creative wunderkind behind Easterly, whose eponymous debut contains ten impressive tracks of soothing, guitar-layered contemplative smart rock. When Noah expanded his solo act to include a band that could translate his songs, he needed a name. Noah Hall & Oats was rejected, wisely, avoiding possible lawsuits. In the end, it was a suggestion by fellow musician and friend Angie Heaton that stuck. She liked the way meteorologists described weather patterns, particularly directional names. Being from the West (Salem, Oregon) the group decision was to go with Easterly. The band is comprised of Hall (vocals, guitar), Andy Douthit (guitar), Kerry Kincanon (bass, vocals), Dan Miles (drums, vocals), Rich Swanger (guitar, vocals), and Stan Keightley (keyboards, vocals). Once upon a time, Noah Hall attended Yale Divinity, where he considered becoming an Episcopal man of the cloth. His experiences there -- his battles with epistemology -- still surface in many of these lyrics. In The River, a pretty melody couches a call for baptismal soul-saving for his sins, but in the end there's no satisfaction: I still don't know for sure if all this loss was worth the ...

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