Eastern Conference Champions

Eastern Conference Champions are an indie rock band from Philidelphia, Pennsylvania formed in 2005. The band consists of Josh Ostrander (guitar, vocals), Greg Lyons (drums) and Melissa Dougherty (guitar). Ostrander and Lyons were former members of Laguardia. Bassist Vern Zaborwoski (formerly of CKY) left the band in 2009 and was replaced by Dougherty. Things have been looking up for Eastern Conference Champions, and they keep on getting better. After parting ways with their major label, ECC embraced their new found independence and got back to work. The trio, consisting of Joshua Ostrander, Greg Lyons and Melissa Dougherty, self-released the Santa Fe EP in the Fall of 2009 which was widely received as their best offering to date. They soon realized the joys of being in full control of their music and career. Every decision comes down to the three of us, just how it should be, says Ostrander. The band was originally formed in Bucks County, PA when longtime friends and collaborators Ostrander and Lyons parted ways with their old group, “Laguardia”. They immediately started ECC and began writing material that would become The Southampton Collection-EP. After signing with Suretone under the Universal Music Group umbrella, they released their debut record, “Ameritown”. The album was produced by Owen Morris (Oasis, The View) and was a critical success, garnering rave reviews as the band toured the U.S. relentlessly and made an appearance on “Last Call with Carson Daly�...

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