Eastern Turkish

Hi. We're Eastern Turkish. And this is our story. Conceived by the dinosaurs in the third level of their reincarnation, the mystical forces of fate brought us three strapping young lads together with a mission- a mission to play punk rock. Thus, our story began. Jayseph grabbed his mighty axe and began to play a heavenly riff from the gods. Lexxx sat upon his throne and hammered out the ground-shaking rhythm. Johnny Two Combs grabbed a strange instrument with only four strings and a long neck and tried to play it and sing. What is this strange, four-stringed instrument? Two Combs wondered. Just then, the cellar door flew open, the silhouette of a new chosen one was standing in our midst. Sir, What be your name? Johnny said. My name... the new voice boomed, be EARL. Earl took the strange guitar from Johnny and began slapping it with the skill of a groovy funkmaster. Everyone was blinded by the sheer awesomeness of the display. The decision was unanimous amongst the group to add this Earl fellow. Aided by our new member, our group, known as Eastern Turkish, set out to be the quintessence of punk rock bands. The journey is dangerous. The path is treacherous. The enemies are numerous. Let's see how far we will go. As long as we can still breathe, Eastern Turkish will continue fighting evil and making sweet punk rock music in the process. -Eastern Turkish (Rocking face since 1733) Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-S...

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