There are 2 Easton's. One is a rock band from the U.S. and the other Easton is a Trance project from Switzerland. (1) Easton is a lighthearted and gifted addition to any poppy alternative playlist, with polished sound and effort put into every note of their divine catalogue of works. Florida is known for putting out the best in the lighter side of emo, and Easton is no exception. It is a travesty that this band hasn't already been yanked out of the unsigned limbo, given their complete disregard for any sort of amateur sound in lieu of completely professional, stellar offering of music that will appeal to just about anyone who comes across it. (2) Easton is a recent project, started only in May by Francesco Muzzioli, Elmin Ferati and Fabio Marchionni. The peculiarity of the project is that none of them has the same musical background, and songs are a recollection of what each of them prefers most. For Fabio, music is wild creativity. He’s a natural ear and needs just a paper and some minutes to come up with an idea for a song. For Elmin, music is the energy that makes people jump on the dancefloor night after night after night. He’s the active DJ of the trio, and understand better than everyone what makes people rock. For Francesco, music is the long and attentive process that brings an idea to a thundering song. He’s the main producer, the one that really understand the importance of using the right device at the right time. The project formed and developed in a real...

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