Eastside Connection

There are multiple artists using this name: 1. Eastside Connection is a funk/soul group from San Francisco, California. They are best known for their Disco hits You're So Right For Me (1977) and Frisco Disco (1978). The latter is frequently sampled by hip-hop artists and included in the breakbeat collection Ultimate Breaks & Beats. 2. EASTSIDE CONNECTION – UNHOLY ALLIANCE OF OUTRAGEOUS SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE Every hardcore addict knows that some of Holland’s finest DJ/ producers are coming from one certain area. The Twente-region has brought some of the hottest acts of the last years. Now, three excellent DJ’s gathered forces with an infamous MC to create one of the most promising live-acts in hardcore. Masters of Hardcore-acts T-Junction, Tomcat and Rudeboy join up with MC Syco to bring you the best of their repertoire under the moniker of Eastside Connection. T-Junction, Tomcat and Rudeboy all have a large history with MC Syco. Erkan Coskunsu was the driving force behind the legendary Oldschool Madness events, that took place in several locations in the east of the Netherlands. A variety of DJ’s from the Twente region have made their debut on a big stage at the Oldschool Madness parties, including T-Junction, Tomcat and Rudeboy. As a matter of fact, Tomcat and Rudeboy decided to form a duo when they played together during an Oldschool Madness event. T-Junction has always been busy with making music. His big breakthrough came when he got signed to The Third Mov...

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