1) Early 90s pop rock indie outfit from Sweden. Released 'Magic Seed' (Blast First) in 1991, which has a shoegaze-pop sound, and definitely influenced by House of Love and My Bloody Valentine. Seemed to disappear after that though - but resurfaced with 'Sun Years' a couple of years later. A curious album which saw them experimenting with other musical styles. They came back to release two more albums, most recently 'Satellites', but these were not widely available outside Scandinavia, and while they split up for a while, they are, as of 2010, back together. They played a festival in Sweden in the summer, performing the whole of 'Magic Seed', and have played a few small gigs, and released a new single in September 2010, 'Its Ok to Cry'. 2) Easy (Easy Shen) b. 1984 is a Taiwanese singer-songwriter from Taipei, Taiwan. In high school, Easy started to play various instruments, such as guitar, keyboards, bass and drums. After launching his profile on 'StreetVoice' and numerous gigs in the Taiwan indie music scene, Easy gained popularity and released his debut album 預言 (Prophecy) in December, 2012 3) Iztok Novak Easy from Koper (Slovenia) is a musician and radio host and active since 1992. His first album Galeb (tr. Seagull) was released in 1995. 4) Easy is a stoner rock/hard rock/doom group from Turku, Finland. The Band formed in late 2008 and has been sinking in a pit of melting guitar riffs ever since. Released Cosmic Roots in the beginning of September 2009. Live gigs a...

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