Easy B

Easi B possesses a strong creative energy and spiritual consciousness in the music business. He is very committed to the people that his music represents and strives to provide them with conscious lyrics at all times. His songs contain messages for everyone and aim to promote peace and love, empower the disadvantages and uplift the poor. Born Errol Brown, in the picturesque parish of Portland Jamaica, the only son in a family of three children. He started singing in his early teens on a church choir. Errol realised that he had extraordinary musical talents when he astounded everyone by mastering the bass, drums, guitar and piano without any formal tuition. From this early age Errol dreamed of becoming a reggae music ambassador. A dream that became a reality… …In the early part of his music career, he started singing on local sound-systems and performing at talent concerts. He later joined the Survivors band as the lead singer and began developing a dedicated and passionate fan base that grew with every one of his performances. The name “Easy B” was then given to him by fellow band members, because of his easy-going personality. (The spelling was changed in 2003 to “Easi B” to distinguish him from other artists with similar names). He later migrated to Kingston in search of greener pastures, as this was where it was all happening in the music business and was spotted by the Pacesetters band. His debut single, ‘Lonely is the Night’ was released in the mid 90s...

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