Eat My Fuk

EatMyFuk is a comic hardcore punk band that started out as a side project of the infamous drummer and vocalist Chris Reifert (Death,Autopsy,Abscess),guitarist Danny Coralles (Autopsy,Abscess) and bassist Joe Allen (VON,Abscess).After a well received 5-track demo they released a full-length through Nuclear War Now Productions (and From Beyond Productions for Europe). The music is much inspired by GG Allin and more of these alike acts. Influences from the members” former bands are also audible. The band spread this message through biographies, promo-sheets and on the CD-booklet: “Drunken scum punk rock for fans of G.G. ALLIN and very early VENOM Very explicit lyrics Line-up with prominent members from the US death metal and black metal scene It”s rumoured that they”re members of A… and V… FUK YOU anyway!” “If you are not satisfied with this record for any reason, tough fuckin” shit! It”s all you deserve!” Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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