Eat No Fish

In order to make it home you must have left it beforehand. EatNoFish left home in 1999 kicking it off with their debut record GREEDY FOR LIFE (Virgin Rec). It was well acclaimed and with a major deal in their pocket they toured the clubs, festivals, radio and tv stations throughout Europe. Looking back singer Maria states: It went incredibly fast. We hardly had time to reflect and think, due to all the new impressions, happenings and a tight schedule. We missed this resting point as a band pretty soon. A first significant cut came in the fall of 2001. The guitarist Lars left the band after the release of the second album INSANE. Maria: It was the possibility for every one of us, to honestly say, if and how the band was going to exist in the future. The other three remained while everything else changed. Jan came as a new guitarist. Hamburg was chosen as the new home. The band left ist record label and management. We all agreed, that it could not continue the way it was. So we chose to start again. The only other possibility would have been to stop alltogether... What resembels a complete breakup, was the kick off for MAKE IT HOME. 11 songs that tell about the longings and hopes, the sweat and tears, about the inner conflicts and their resolution. The sound fits a band that found out who they are and what they want. And also on the buisness side, new ways were chosen. The idea of their new label, Artist Station Records, is that all decisions and responsibilities are in the ha...

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