Eat the Gun

EAT THE GUN are back. Two years after releasing their first album “Cross Your Fingers“ the band from Münster/Germany strikes back with their brand-new record “Super Pursuit Mode Aggressive Thrash Distortion“! After five years of playing every stage that got in their way, EAT THE GUN have become harder, tighter, angrier, and wilder than ever before. “Cross Your Fingers“ was an archetypal Hard Rock album the band can be proud of, but all that was yesterday- Ladies and Gentlemen: EAT THE GUN! Four years have passed since the production of “Cross Your Fingers“ and EAT THE GUN have played hundreds of shows in the meantime, while continually improving their musical output. In 2008 the bands' sound is not only fresher but surprisingly up-to-date - this is new millennium Rock ‘n‘ Roll! The music is characterized by a far more differentiated sound giving each instrument exactly the musical room it needs. To sum it up, here you've got three friends still rocking with stirring excitement and a newfound attitude that will fascinate every listener immediately! The result: Eleven uncompromising rockets, recklessly shooting through the history of Rock ‘n‘ Roll music with sonic speed! Here is another proof of the fact that it doesn't need more than three rocking maniacs to play high energy Rock 'n' Roll with a pure heavy metal rooted attitude. Each song and the bands' sound have become harder, more aggressive and energetic while everything's less complicated and mu...

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