Eaten by Wolves

EATEN BY WOLVES are a 5-piece metal/hardcore band from Wolverhampton, formed in 2010. The band is comprised of Jack Turner (vocals), Rory Joyce (guitar), Kieran Whitehouse (guitar), Michael Wyke (bass) and Jake Withers (drums). Their sound is an unusual blend of metalcore – an aural assault of ferocious riffs, technical drumming and screamed vocals – mixed with darker, more subtle tones. Vocalist Turner said, “When we write together we like to take things to the extreme, create a barrage of noise. We also like to mix it up with technical breakdowns, complex rhythms and slower movements.” Eaten By Wolves have not been on the live circuit that long, and only have a few shows under their collective belt. However, this is no disadvantage: their live set is an intense wall of sound, the band playing with passion and confidence, and this has helped garner a small but dedicated following. The band are ready to take their extreme noise to bigger, more renowned venues further afield. Guitarist Joyce said, “We aim to make our live shows intense and exciting. It's about the experience, where music is not just heard, it is felt: it's tangible and visceral. That's what our live shows are all about.” Eaten By Wolves have released one self-titled EP to date, a modest effort that is more of an exercise in defining and capturing their highly complex and ambitious sound, which is no easy feat. The band recently recorded new single 'Make A Promise' at the Old Smithy in Worcester...

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