Eaters was formed in Oslo, Norway in september 2012, after Roni Pop stepped in on drums for thrashers Mongorobot (Erling, J?rgen & Wilhelms former band) for a club show during the annual ?yafestival in august. The guys wanted to create catchy, hard and dirty punkrock like some of them had done with the hard-hitting Bulwark, Safarikniv and the infamous drunken hardrock-bashers Nude Pube Banglers some years earlier. Eaters still find themselves young and vital enough to bring across the fun, the kick-ass shows and the testosterone & adrenalin. Bassplayer Kurt was brought in, and in December the first four tracks was recorded and the first single Cesspool City/ Fuel Paranoia was released on vinyl and digitally on march 1st 2013 on ATL Records. The first gigs brought the band to Oslo, Trondheim and Lillehammer (a couple of them joined by punk revitalizers The Good, The Bad & The Zugly) in early march. Eaters recorded five new tracks winter 2013, and the 3-track single Death Knell was released 20th of May. UK rock press loved it and wrote: Really I cannot recommend this band highly enough. If you love everything Scandinavia has thrown at as over the years and also have a soft spot for the likes of The Hip Priests, Sick Livers, V8 Wankers, Peter Pan Speedrock, Zeke, Poison Idea et al, then Eaters are an absolute must-hear. And please, don’t take my references as indications of plagiarism. This is a band that has managed to take all the best, fucked-up bits of so many amazing band...

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