EAUXMAR, a young musician who evolved into a producer. While still just being 19, he has already shown his inquisitiveness for creating music that has an experimental nature. Hailing from the Netherlands and having his roots in Morocco, he honors his heritage by incorporating the raw organic instrumentation into an electronic undertone. Debuting with his ‘Tell Me’ EP, he introduced us to a downtempo sound that still has a highly energetic feeling. Not only showcasing his experimentation with tempo and the affiliated energy with said tempo will be seen throughout EAUXMAR’s work. Mangling words to make them sound like a different language, ethereal sound design and bridging R&B and Indie together are just a few examples that are included in the main theme throughout his whole discography. Coping with the hardships of being a new artist in this day an age has lead to creativity rather than frustration and has sparked a will to truly express all his memories and characteristics. Implementing samples from his favourite films, books and artists in a subtle way that just catches the listener makes his work true and honest reflection of his life. After doing multiple DJ gigs throughout his career, including Lollapalooza Berlin, he debuted his first ever live show at Eurosonic Noorderslag which is renowned as Europe’s key exchange and networking platform for European music, with a proven track record for helping new acts break into the international music scene. Read more on L...

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