The band started in 2004 on the basis of Berdyansk, Ukraine one-man project Grindfather (death grind). In the shortest terms Dimos (guitar/vocal) with the help of bassman Ross (The True Serpens), session guitarist Pash (plays in restourants) and vocalist M.Xul (Vermis Mysteriis black band) recorded promo tape Moody Cloaca in the fast grind'n'roll style. In the end of 2004 this material was released by Imbecil Entertainment..Eclectic prod. in the split-CD format with the last work of Grindfather. The run was sold for three months and had pozitive references (Ebanath was marked good for their originality). Distribution was realized by such big world labels as Comatose Music, Displeased, Goregiastic, Relapse, Sevared, Takke, Grindethic, Danscrypt etc. In the beginning of 2005 the band first performed live show in Berdyansk at Metal Attack 1. They performed with the following line-up Dimos (guitar/vocal), Ross (bass), M.Xul (vocal) with the pounding drum-machine. In the autumn 2005 Ebanath changed their style to grinding deathcore and recorded first long play That Now Is Necessary For You in which the cult ukrainian label D.A.C. Prod. got interested. They created optimal conditions for recording and set dates of CD and T-shirts release. In winter the line-up became quartet. The new members Max (vocal) and Chi (drums) from the brutal death band Pus Lactation came to Dimos and Ross. During intensive rehearsals they made the new material and repeated the songs from the last album ...

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