Eberg, also known as Einar Tönsberg, is an Icelandic musician who made his debut in Iceland in 2003. With his own electronic/ dreampop style, Eberg has many critics praising his albums. His music is London based, making most of his fans from the UK. He released his first album, Plastic Lions, in August 2003 when he created 50 hand-made copies, selling them at 15 pounds, using the profits to print covers with an artwork theme. Plastic Lions was mass produced and distributed by Bad Taste in Iceland and then in July 2004 by Rotator in the UK. Many of Eberg’s whimsical and dreamy songs show a youthful personality. The album received rave reviews in the press in 2004. The song “Plastic Lions,” his debut single, received a warm reception from the UK. BBC radio 1 repeatedly plays his music. Iceland Airwaves acknowledges that, “Eberg has created a wonderfully balanced album that toys with moods and styles, always sharp and concise with the mark of a great pop song, and always recognizably Eberg.” Eardrums, a website that has reviews on many musicians, states, “Beautiful, sweet and melodic electronic pop with a floating and almost acoustic feel to it.” Eberg’s second album Voff Voff has a more organized arrangement of acoustics and electronics that made most of the songs on the album hits in the UK and Iceland. Eberg explains, “Voff Voff is how Icelandic dogs bark, I’ve always tended to be a bit of a barker. I like barking in public and I do way to0 much of it wh...

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