Ebony Ark

At the end of 2002 Javier Jiménez and Rubén Villanueva (guitars) shared a musical vision that they sought to bring to the masses. After recruiting bass player Daniel Melián, EBONY ARK was finally born. After a series of fluid line-ups Beatriz Albert (vocals) and Jorge Sáez (drums) proved to be the final pieces of the puzzle. The band released their first demo in March 2004, containing 6 tracks, one of them being a cover of Irene Cara's What a feeling A few months later, Javier Díez joined the band as a keyboard player. In October 2004, EBONY ARK's first studio album Decoder was released, including 11 tracks peppered with great songs like Dead Men's Lives, Searching for an Answer and Thorn of Ice. Their blend of hard-hitting metal with a progressive edge and Beatriz's powerful vocals over the top proved to be a winning formula for the metal audience, and they received many plaudits from both press and fans alike. EBONY ARK had started with a bang and deservedly pushed their way to the front in the international metal world. After touring all over Spain in February 2005, Jorge Sáez and Javier Díez left the band due to their commitments lying elsewhere. Iván (drums) and Diego (synth) joined Ebony Ark and the band became more stable. In June of the same year they shot their first video clip for their single Thorn of Ice in their hometown of Madrid. What followed was a busy time for the band, with concerts and rehearsals mixed with the composition of new songs for th...

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