1) Doom/Heavy Metal band from France. Lyrical themes: Inquisition, Heretics, Witches. Influenced by late 80‘ Heavy Doom scene of bands like Candlemass, Cathedral or Solitude Aeternus… 2) The Ecclesia is an enigmatic art collective of sorts scattered about the US but for the most part based in Arizona. The project was created to be an entirely flexible vehicle for the numerous creative exploits of its members and, in this way, it is hard to say just what the Ecclesia is or wants to be. They are, more or less, what you want them to be. Their first substantiated project, an album of music entitled Birdsong Over the Interior Castle came about when one member ventured to Spain for a summer to learn classical guitar and introduce himself to las senoritas, leaving behind some newly purchased recording equipment put to good use by the others. All under 20 years old at the time, they used every instrument at their disposal, which turned out to be quite many indeed, striking a balance between experimental process and intentional electro-acoustic composition. The end result is a dense mix of timbre exploring the space between structure and structurelessness, pop immediacy and the hazy abstraction of droned ambience. Or as they might say the way music sounds in your head when you are half asleep waking up after a liminal evening and the notes burgeon and collide more as impression than memory. The album was released on ARRCO on March 21st, 2006. When the members of the Eccl...

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