Echobrain is an American alternative metal musical group. It initially drew attention as the first offering from bassist Jason Newsted after he left Metallica. Echobrain was formed in 2000 by Newsted, Brian Sagrafena and Dylan Donkin who had close contact with one another throughout the late-90s after they met at a Super Bowl party at Jason's in 1995. On a road trip to Baja, Mexico, Sagrafena and Donkin recorded some rough demos that, when they came home, eventually caught Jason's attention. Jason then offered to help them out on bass and assist their songwriting. In May 2000, they entered a studio to record the demos more professionally, with help from several musicians including Kirk Hammett of Metallica, cellist and composer David Teie, and Jim Martin, former Faith No More guitarist. The band is non-active since 2005, although all members have other projects currently in progress. Guitarist Dylan Donkin has a solo project, and is also a member of the San Francisco quartet The Cons. His brother, Adam, is focusing on producing emerging artists (including Dylan). Andrew Gomez fronts the acoustic rock outfit, The Cons. Jason currently plays bass for Voivod and Rock Star Supernova. Supposedly, a great factor that caused the break-up of Echobrain was an encounter with copyright issues. Another band by the name of Echo Drain had written a song titled, Suckerpunch that was also used by Echobrain. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons...

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