Echocast is an aggressive rock band with influences ranging from Failure, Tool, and Faith No More, to Radiohead and Kent. The result is heavy, but melodic; energetic, yet emotional. The four-piece band has recently relocated to Southern California, and consists of Adam Redding on guitar, Kaleb Saldate on drums, Keoni Chock on bass, and David Mast on vocals. David Mast fronts the band with a powerful and distinct vocal style--something that makes the band stand out dynamically. With his brother Adam Redding on guitar, the two have been writing and performing together for nearly eight years. Bassist, Keoni Chock, played lead guitar for fellow SoCal rock band Dizmas for almost 5 years before bringing his energetic performing on the road with Echocast. Kaleb Saldate rounds out the now solid lineup on the drums. A veteran of the Northern California rock scene, Kaleb is a multi-instrumentalist, like Adam, and plays piano, drums, bass, guitar, and tuba. Echocast signed with XS Records in early 2002 and has recorded one full length LP on the label entitled, Where the Future Ends. The band was previously on Freedom Records as Redline, and released two full length albums in their four years with the label (*1998's self-titled, and 2000's Supernova). Echocast has spent the last few years touring coast to coast extensively including dates with bands such as Wind-Up artists Evanescence, Nitro artists Stavesacre, MCA/Flicker artists Pillar as well as countless others. They are currently to...

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