Inspired by the new wave of progressive music, and combining a love of melody, atmosphere, and the low-end groove, Echolapse has produced a sound that is both unique in the metal community today, and accessible to listeners who may not normally listen to metal. Having first become friends in high school after meeting in guitar class, Derek Marsh, Michael Adamik, and David Deutsch formed Echolapse several years later in the winter of 2010. At first, the material produced was thought to be too progressive and lacking something of a signature sound. After experimenting for several months, new material was written that was starting to grow into something original. Eager to have their music heard, a five-song EP/demo was released early 2013. Although the music was well received, the band was still not satisfied with the compositional quality of the songs, and felt they perhaps rushed the finished product. Since this release, new songs have been written, and a few earlier ones improved upon, producing material that the band feels achieves their vision and meets the standards of what Echolapse represents. After much thought, Echolapse decided to work with Aaron Smith of Envisage Audio and the band 7 Horns 7 Eyes to help realize their vision and mix and master their album. The single “Regression” was released in July 2014, and was seen as big step-up in terms of overall sound, composition, and performance from their demo the year before. The debut album, “Deadlights”, is pr...

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