Some thought he was a computer program. But with the alternative blend of Pop, Electro and Rock elements, which fills a gap in Germany's Ruhrarea, Matt Duncan evokes emotion from cold circuitry. After having gained production and live experience in his previous bands The Astray (Electrorock) and Salt The Skies (Post-Rock), he decided to create a new path as Echolox to focus his songwriting on the seemingly unimplementable. Moving alone means moving fast. You can quickly shift directions without having to get permission. If it’s good the audience will follow. His music captures the millennial disillusion and cynicism in an electronic, hyper-connected era. Yet, shimmers of hope and love keep you from falling to the floor and assuming the fetal position. A push and shove of melancholia. First was the strictly instrumental Electronica, with echoing guitars layered on melodious synths and crooked time signatures. But things needed to be sung about the world and the focus shifted more towards what could be described as Alternative Pop. It’s hardly categorizable, but somehow you know exactly where it is once you hear it. I try to apply the complexities learned from Math Rock and IDM to a foundation of Indie Pop. Depending on your mindset - as the listener - you can get dragged along by the apparent or focus on the meticulous. A great song captures you instantly and is easily understood while giving you something new to discover with every listen. Just like a good game is ea...

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