Ecila is inspired by fairy tales in epic quests to seek the ring of mermaids humming splashing scales as all the heroes come to sing they come in faith to gain the pleasure the hope and glory of the treasure to float on this galactic ground the orbit of Ecila sound. Past Once upon a time, in the former USSR, a girl named Sveta Shljachova was born. In this form, she became a part of electronic acts Elements of Sci-Fi, as well as being a part of STREFF, an underground hardcore/dubcore protest project against political corruption and malpractice in the state of Belarus - her fatherland. Later, in Belgium, she founded together with her friends dj-performance electro project Kosmozo. In her latest (and most decisive) incarnation, she was released from the cosmos of fantasy and fairy-tales as Ecila, whose eternal wish is to share her universe with all day-dreamers in the musical ambience of galactic possibility. Present Album 'The Sofa Managements' May 2013 The album includes both crackling electronica as well as vastly ambient atmospheres. An angelic quote by Jewish philosopher Moses Maimonides illustrates best where Ecila got her inpiration from: God does not do things by direct contact... He burns things by means of fire; moved by the motion of the sphere; moved by means of a disembodied intellect, being the 'angels which are near to Him', through whose mediation the spheres [planets] move... thus totally disembodied minds exist emanating from the intermediaries between...

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