Eclectek potjevleesch is the music! You concocts recipes often dubious, consisting of electro, metal, hip hop, funk and drum & bass. But you see, with a little sauce over samurai, it's delicious! In addition, when you come see us live, even better! It is played on stage, drinking on stage! It even has sex on stage! Too rock n roll what! What makes that one is really famous! THE STOUFFER STOUVES, octopus Screamer After fifteen years of gestation, and as many wanderings éthylico-metaphysical, Stouffer, has finally decided in the winter of 2006 to express his musical deviant! And you will regret it, because now it is shit! KLEMAOUCH, the singer has a voice Supernanny at 59 Wonderwoman Wattignies, Klemaouche is a stage presence ... and mammary ... phenomenon of 1926 selections of American Idol, it also brings the touch Marc Dorcel missing training ... Because the other, they try to dress as it takes to become a star ... but ... LATINOPREZ the tuner disturbed Well, actually, Latinoprez, he comes from a Latin family of Flanders, where the beer and chips are combined with the Iberian pride ... You see? This means that now the public must endure her questionable live performances! You understand? No? Well neither do we! This guy is really too complicated. MAX DREAD DJ, broadcaster mood Do not be fooled by appearances, Maxdread is not a primate. IT is not violent or twisted, no. He loves the delicacy he praises the weighting and equanimity (see Dictionary). His calmness,...

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