Eclectic Approach

Watching Eclectic Approach you get the same feeling as when you walk into a really great party; people are dancing, groovin’ and letting the good times roll. “We bring a really positive message with our music and live show. We want people to have a great time and walk away feeling better about life.” It’s a great philosophy for a band to have, and has proven effective as their name spreads like wildfire across the Northwest and beyond. Originally conceived as a hip-hop group, EA has expanded its musical horizons and fully embraced the name “Eclectic.” The band is comprised of vocalist Jowed Hadeed, guitarists Ryan Jander and Justin MacDonald, drummer Brian Paxton and bassist Seth Humphrey. All met throughout various stages of the seven year history of the band, but they ended up together in Seattle, marketing their unique vision of positive, gritty rock’n hop. With a lyrical flow influenced by underground hip hop artists such as Del, guitar riffs that range from Jimi Hendrix to Jim Croce, bass lines inspired by Jamiroquai and drums that are as rockin’ as any Metallica album, EA’s sound is truly one of a kind. “I don’t think any of us set out to sound like anyone, and we all listen to such a wide variety of music that I think it just worked to let the music happen, instead of judging whether or not it fit in with the pop scene. Good music is good music, and now more than ever I think people are starting to understand that idea and stop labeling what the...

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