There are two Eclectics / The Eclectics bands. Eclectics is a Chicago / Detroit Ska band. One of their songs, Laura, is labeled as a The Eclectics song. Hailing from Chicago, The Eclectics have combined a wide range of musical influences, from King Diamond to Krautrock, from Naked Raygun to the Buckinghams, or from the English Beat to the Jacksons. The end result is a wonder to behold. Over the past few years, The Eclectics have gone through numerous line-up changes though two things have always rang true: 1) no individual is too far out for the band, and 2) every member has been dedicated to putting on a tight and energetic live show to please just about any audience. The current line-up is the strongest yet, hosting a wide variety of characters. Topping it off is the singer Damon, the newest member, a native of Detroit and former frontman for midwest ska-pioneers The Exceptions. Then there's Russ on guitar, the self-proclaimed heir to Jerry Garcia. Dan on bass is the band grandfather, in on his newest money-making scheme to supplement his early retirement. Dale is the drummer, or phat beats as we like to call him. On trombone, there's Marc, former mullet, current muscle-t metal god, and Graham, the hardcore kid. last but not least is Jake on tenor sax--sci fi bookworm. The Eclectics teamed up with Chicago's very own Steve Albini (producer for such bands as Bush, Nirvana, and PJ Harvey) to create a much-needed new angle onska-punk. Idle Worship is out now on indie ska lab...

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