ECLECTRIK is the latest compilation from It has been described as the soundtrack to a dirty weekend in a decadent boutique hotel by the sea and can even be bought in the hipper Brighton hotels! The compilation offers a taste of the label's genre-busting mix of “future cult classics” (The Independent). From the THE LOVERS’ Jarvis Cocker penned La Degustation, through the late-night electro of PRODUCT.01 (whose Hot Trap – included here - went Top Ten on MTV Dance) to the organic ska meets breakbeat of THE VOODOO TROMBONE QUARTET (whose previous single almost blew their cult credentials by skimming the edges of the official UK download charts) - the compilation aims to define the sound and ethos of the label by bringing together releases both past, present and future. It even includes a few that ‘got away’. Although many of these records willfully slipped beneath the mainstream radar, there are songs here like, for instance, Sonido Total from Barcelona’s acclaimed THE PINKER TONES that may be more familiar as one of at least six tracks from the label in the TV series Ugly Betty. This sits alongside exclusive new material such as LODEKKA’s Yes Mr. B and Electric Love by DODO. Listen to the sampler FREE on here: Eclectrik Taster Mix (12 Min) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - An album of the year 2007 (Bearded Magaz...

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