There are at least twelve artists that use this name: 1. A symphonic black metal band from Poland 2. A space rock band from Canada 3. A power metal band from Canada 4. A melodic black metal band from Finland 5. A straight edge hardcore band Sweden 6. A melodic rock band from Sweden 7. A hardcore techno DJ from the United Kingdom 8. An a capella group from Utah, United States 9. A thrash metal (early '90s) // psychedelic rock/metal (from later '90s) band from Hungary 10. A house duo from Italy 11. A cumbia group from Argentina (see grupo eclipse) 12. A seiyuu collective from Japan 13. A cumbia group from Bolivia (see grupo eclipse) 14. A pop/classical from Norway 15. A hard rock band from Sweden. 16. A Brutal Death Metal band from Ukraine. The Canadian band was founded in 1974 by Pierre Gauthier. They released 3 albums. The last Night & Day (released in 1977) was a relative succesw. On it You Really Got Me, wich sounded as if Giorgio Moroder produced it. This became a club hit. Swedish melodic rock band was formed in Stockholm in 1999 by singer Erik Mårtensson. After having produced a 4 track demo himself, he landed a deal with the English located Z records. To produce what was to become the first Eclipse album,he completed the line-up with Magnus Henriksson (Lead Guitar) & Anders Berlin (Drums & Keys). The first album The Truth & a little more was completed and released in 2001 on Z records. It also included guest performances by the legendary Europe guitarist Kee Marcello...

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