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Voldamares: Founded in the Fall of 1999 by Voldamares for the express purpose of turning thought and philosophy to sound, Canada’s Eclipse Eternal made their entrance into the underground Black Metal scene via a live-off-the-floor rendition of their song“The King”, which was released on a compilation by Bloodbucket Productions in 2002. Inspired by the violent atmospheres created bands such as Mayhem, Satyricon, and Immortal, the band’s early music was filled with chaos and raw aggression. Within a year, the band began work on their first full-length CD, Reign of the Unholy Blackened Empire. The album would take two years to create and be over an hour of Epic Symphonic Black Metal. It was recorded/mixed at Eclipse Studios by Glen Drover (King Diamond, Megadeth) and mastered by Andy Laroque (King Diamond). Released by Galy Records in 2004, the album received positive reviews around the globe. While the band’s reputation gained momentum through multiple live performances (including their debut performance at the Northern Lights Festival, and opening for multiple international bands such as Dimmu Borgir and Behemoth), Eclipse Eternal focused their creative energies upon writing their most highly regarded album to date, Übermensch: Evolution Beyond The Species. Mixed at Studio Fredman by Fredrik Nordström (Dimmu Borgir, Zyclon, Old Man’s Child) the album displayed a marked escalation in overall complexity, atmosphere and viciousness. Upon release, the album received...

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