ECOMOG (Every Change Occurs Musically Over Generations), has time and time again proven that anyone with talent and a common goal can come together to make a difference. Consisting of group members Entity, Tonik and Epidemic and equipped with perfectly calibrated lyrics, they blend the essence of old school hip-hop with the energy of new school music. “ECOMOG is much more than just a group, it’s a movement.” says Entity when asked to describe the group. Growing sick and tired of the “get rich quick” format of music that populates the airwaves, ECOMOG plans to make their name known on a worldwide scale to show that success and originality go hand in hand. Since their first major release in 2008 with SEVENDAYS, ECOMOG has consistently been releasing new material to satiate the hunger of music fans of any genre. Recognizing the importance of their music they kept the ball rolling over the past couple years with the release of five highly acclaimed albums: 808s & ECOMOG (2009), an album made exclusively from sampling from Kanye West's 2008 album 808s & Heartbreak, Classics Revisited (2010), As Seen on TV (2010), The Five Elements (2010), and their latest effort The Message (2010). Already wielding a discography bigger than most established artists, ECOMOG has no plans of slowing down with scheduled releases throughout 2011. In an effort to build upon their talents and gain even more outlets for their music, they started ECOMOG TV in June 2008 following the success of...

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