indie rock of the people, for the people, by some other people. London flavoured but internationally held, econoline is music for people who like to hold beers in one hand and variously point fingers aloft, or wipe tears from the eye. Taking pointers from Dinosaur Jr, sebadoh, the wedding present, iron and wine, GBV, the postal service, cable, and all their friends bands they like ripping off. The band can appear as anywhere between 1-5 people playing anything from rock guitars to accordions! Econoline's latest release this band isn't funny anymore was recorded in 2003 but due to much wrangling only came out in 2006, but was celebrated with much touring and playing around the UK with old friends and new, like Projections, Uter, Elf Power, De Rosa, and Last of the real Hardmen. Econoline's first album music is stupid was released in 2002 and lead to the band's proudest moment, a Session for the late lamented John Peel, and gigs all around the UK and in bits of europe. Their new records can be had from where there's also some streaming tunes. Since 2008 the main players in econoline have gone on to play in a number of other bands including slow gun model village The Oscillation Former drummers have had particular success going on to success in bands as varied as blood red shoes, shit'n'shine and bat for lashes! Read more on User-co...

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