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Rafal Gorzycki & Ecstasy Project is just releasing the new album: „Reminiscence Europae”. It is a double live album including 1 audio CD and one DVD. It is a journey deep inside the „Europae” concept (premiere 12.05.2008). Band established in 1998 (Bydgoszcz/Poland) is one of the bands connected to Club „Mozg” (Brain; eng.) named by top european newspapers as „the most creative place of recent years”. The group performs modern jazz inspired by european jazz legacy and modern chamber contemporary. The band…s first album was released in 2001 by famous jazz label - Not Two Records (Cracow/Poland). The second Ecstasy Project Trio album „Realium” is released by polish-american label „Polish Jazz Network” (USA). „I worked over one year on the conception of my second album. I meant to describe some kind of melancholy. I exposed visions appearing during my stay at the countryside. This is European jazz - my favorite.” The second Ecstasy Project Trio album “Realium” was very well reviewed and recommended by the most important American jazz media. The world…s biggest jazz site „All About Jazz” has recommended Ecstasy Project as a one from couple of hundred premieres in „new releases albums” section on the starting page. That is why, „Gazeta Wyborcza” - the biggest polish newspaper, „Playboy” magazine and „” in theirs 2006 summary classified Rafal Gorzyckiego and his „Ecstasy Project” and „Sing Sing Penelope” to ...

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