Ecstasy Project Trio

Band established in 1998 (Bydgoszcz/Poland) is one of the groups connected to Club Mozg (Brain; eng.) named by top european newspapers as the most creative place of recent years. The band`s debut album was released in 2001 by famous jazz label - Not Two Records (Cracow/Poland). The second Ecstasy Project Trio album Realium was released by polish-american label Polish Jazz Networ by Cezary Lerski, in 2005 I worked over one year on the conception of my second album. I meant to describe some kind of melancholy. I exposed visions appearing during my stay at the countryside. This is European jazz - my favorite. Rafal Gorzycki After releasing in 2005 by PJN a compilation album called: The Best of Polish Jazz 2005 with Ecstasy Project composition, Rafal Gorzycki and his Ecstasy Project has started its european carier. Now Rafal Gorzycki has just released his third album EUROPAE.It is a special legacy of the XX century`s european music. It is also a specific trial for answering the question : Where does jazz drive to? European heritage as a key to the future... Read a text about the album written by Zbigniew Zielinski. Rafal Gorzycki looks at music through its twentieth-century struggle. Starting with improvisation and jazz he turns his attention towards the experiences of the European chamber music of the previous century. This is where he tries to find substantial solutions for his musical experiments. The music of mature Europe digested in the atonality, neo-Romanticism a...

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