Ecstatic Wave

In 2008, Shane and April were introduced to one another and found that although they came from very different musical back grounds they both shared the same passion for music. April had been writing lyrics/poems about life experiences since age 14, and was just learning to play guitar, while Shane was a music major in college and had previously played drums in several bands including Quihi Triple Threat.. In the beginning, the ultimate goal for Ecstatic Wave was for Shane to play drums and for April to play rythym guitar. Of course, that was with the expectation of the duo finding a lead guitarist and bassist, and possibly a keyboardist. As time went on and other band additions flaked out, Shane adapted more to the lead guitar role in the band to fill in the gaps. The two then started playing shows on two electric guitars with no bassist or drummer in hopes that more promising members would come along soon. However, even with the two distorted electric guitars, they were no match for the hardcore bands that they were booked with. In early 2010, Ecstatic Wave decided that it would be best to switch over to playing acoustic guitars until they found a drummer and bassist. However, after playing a few acoustic shows, they experienced some of their best reactions yet, and decided to take their music in that direction. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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