Ed James

Ed James is an American guitarist and singer-songwriter playing bubblegum pop influenced power pop music inspired by exuberant, good-time oldies artists such as The Monkees and The Beatles. He has been featured on a bunch of indie music compilation and tribute CDs as well as four full-fledged solo albums to his own credit. He's perhaps best known for 2003's 'Poprocket', a release that the All Music Guide praised as having an air of instant gratification since James' joy is pretty darn addicting. Solo CDs: ...In The 21st Century (Jam/Jealousy) - 2006 Big Time (Jealousy/Jam) - 2004 Poprocket (Jam) - 2003 Meet Ed James! (Air Mail) - 2001 Meet Ed James! (Jam) - 1999 Compilations: This Is Rock 'n' Roll Radio (Jam) - 2005 Planet of Popboomerang - A Global Pop Compilation (Popboomerang) - 2005 This Is Sparklefest (Sparklefest) - 2003 Wizzard Brew - A World Wide Pop Compilation (Wizzard In Vinyl) - 2002 International Pop Overthrow Volume 5 (Not Lame) - 2002 Pop Under The Surface, Vol. 4 (Yesterday Girl) - 2001 International Pop Overthrow Volume 3 (Not Lame) - 2000 Burnt Marshmallows & Teeny Bikinis (Optional Art) - 2000 Unsound Series Volume 1: Pop! (To M'Lou Music) - 1998 Pop Under The Surface, Vol. 1 (Yesterday Girl) - 1997 Bam Balam Explosion Vol. IV USA Power Pop Compilation (Bam Balam) - 1997 Browser Barbarians (DMR Diversions) - 1997 Tributes: Jam On Jeremy - A Tribute To Jeremy Morris (Ear Theory) - 2005 It was 40 Years Ago Today - A Tribute To The Beatles (Bullseye) - 2004...

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