Ed McCurdy

Ed McCurdy was born in 1919 in Willow Hill, Pennsylvania. His professional career started in 1937 as a Gospel singer over station SVKY in Oklahoma City, and he has since of worked as a niteclub and theatre performer (including a short stint in burlesque) and as a radio announcer. In 1946, McCurdy began singing folksongs over the Canadian Broad casting Corporation radio system. In 1952, he began writing and performing for children's program's in radio and television, continuing to utilize folkmusic at every opportunity. Since late 1954, he has been living in New York City, and has appeared frequently in Televisions broadcasts for both adults and children originating from that city. McCurdy is accompanied on second guitar, and banjo, by ERIK DARLING, an Upstate New Yorker who has been working out of New York City in recent years. Mr. Darling has made numerous recordings as a banjoist and singer, both as a solo performer and as an accompanist. He has performed extensively in concerts, and on television and radio, including several years on Oscar Brand's Folksong Festival over station WNYC. His most recent musical adventure has been performing as all integral part of an exciting new folksong trio, The Tarriers, in whose success his instrumental and vocal talents have played an important role. McCurdy died March 23, 2000 Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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