Ed Starink

Ed Starink was born in 1952 in the Netherlands. Against his father's wishes he bought a guitar and taught himself playing it. Later he switched more and more to keyed instruments and consequently took classical piano lessons. In the mid-60s he was involved in countless productions of the Netherlands' best studio. He also accompanied the Beach Boys on the Hammond organ and played keyboard for David Bowie. In 1970 he formed the pop/jazz rock group Gamma, composed the music, and played besides the keyboards also guitar and flute. In the 70s he went to the Academy of Music in The Hague (Netherlands) and was educated as a classical concert pianist. At the same time he worked in several studios (e.g. as a recording engineer with the M.C.R. Studio starting in 1975) and taught also composition and keyboard at the Hilversumse Muziekschool. Ed Starink graduated from the Academy in 1976 and finally gave his own Academy lectures. Ed Starink released his debut album named Cristallin in 1981, which was made with synthesizers only. In 1983 he composed the Big Brother Suite, inspired by Orwell's book “1984”. In the early 80s Ed Starink started his own Star Inc. studio and label. He released more than 100 compilations which sold more than 3 million copies. In 1989 he started a collaboration with the Arcade Group Inc., which resulted in the release of about 30 albums, most prominently the widely recognized Synthesizer Greatest and Synthetiseur series, locally adapted for various Europ...

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